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the smear test

Try the highly accurate, non-invasive smear test alternative.

Worried about cervical cancer but struggling with smear tests?

At Papcup, we believe women should have control over their bodies and their own health. So, we developed a safe, non-invasive diagnostic device you can use by yourself, without having to insert uncomfortable medical tools in the vagina.

How it's different

Papcup tests for cancer-causing HPV strains in your menstrual blood at the standards required by the NHS and WHO.

No period? No problem. Papcup is also compatible with a shallow vaginal swab.

No vaginal insertions

No pain, no discomfort, no shame.


Take the test as often as you like and track your health in the safety of your own home.

Results in 15 minutes

Papcup produces a full test report within 15 minutes. Opt to share this with your GP - or not!

Get your Papcup today

Just the Papcup device


Get your personal Papcup device and test as often as you like.* With the option to link it to your medical records, you can keep your GP updated on your smear test results without ever having to be there.

*This options does not include testing cartridges, which need to be purchased separately ($50/cartridge).

Papcup + 2 testing cartridges


Includes two testing cartridges, enough for testing two times. Renews at $100 per year, providing two tests per year. Cancel any time.

Papcup + 4 testing cartridges


Includes four testing cartridges, enough for testing four times. Renews at $150 per year, providing four tests per year. Cancel any time.

About us

We are a team of Imperial College scientists and engineers - but most importantly, we are women who rebel against the status quo when it came to cervical screening. At Papcup, we believe that every woman deserves access to the best possible healthcare. So, we set out to create a solution that empowers women and gives them control over their own health. No woman should have to suffer through invasive, uncomfortable tests, and we're proud to offer an alternative that is pain-free and effective. Join us on our mission to revolutionize women's healthcare, and get your Papcup today.

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